Module XDot

module XDot: sig .. end
Reads layout information from xdot ASTs

Simple layout types
type pos = float * float 
2D coordinates
type bounding_box = pos * pos 
upper-left and bottom-right corners

Layout informations are parsed from xdot files (dot files with graphviz layout).

Each node or edge layout thus contains several lists of drawing operations.

See to understand the details of the layout informations.

type node_layout = {
   n_name : string; (*Dot label*)
   n_pos : pos; (*Center position*)
   n_bbox : bounding_box; (*Bounding box*)
   n_draw : XDotDraw.operation list; (*Shape drawing*)
   n_ldraw : XDotDraw.operation list; (*Label drawing*)
Each node has at least a position and a bounding box.
type cluster_layout = {
   c_pos : pos;
   c_bbox : bounding_box;
   c_draw : XDotDraw.operation list;
   c_ldraw : XDotDraw.operation list;
type edge_layout = {
   e_draw : XDotDraw.operation list; (*Shapes and curves*)
   e_ldraw : XDotDraw.operation list; (*Label drawing*)
   e_hdraw : XDotDraw.operation list; (*Head arrowhead drawing*)
   e_tdraw : XDotDraw.operation list; (*Tail arrowhead drawing*)
   e_hldraw : XDotDraw.operation list; (*Head label drawing*)
   e_tldraw : XDotDraw.operation list; (*Tail label drawing*)
val mk_node_layout : name:string ->
pos:pos ->
bbox:bounding_box ->
draw:XDotDraw.operation list ->
ldraw:XDotDraw.operation list -> node_layout
Creates a node layout
val mk_cluster_layout : pos:pos ->
bbox:bounding_box ->
draw:XDotDraw.operation list ->
ldraw:XDotDraw.operation list -> cluster_layout
Creates a cluster layout
val mk_edge_layout : draw:XDotDraw.operation list ->
ldraw:XDotDraw.operation list ->
hdraw:XDotDraw.operation list ->
tdraw:XDotDraw.operation list ->
hldraw:XDotDraw.operation list ->
tldraw:XDotDraw.operation list -> edge_layout
Creates an edge layout

Parsing and reading XDot
exception ParseError of string
module Make: 
functor (G : Graph.Graphviz.GraphWithDotAttrs) -> sig .. end
Instantiates a module which creates graph layouts from xdot files

Converts and reads various layout informations
val bounding_box : float * float -> float -> float -> bounding_box
bounding_box pos w h converts a bounding box of center pos, width w and height h from a Dot file to a pair of corners (lower left and upper right) in the world coordinate system.
val read_bounding_box : string -> bounding_box
val read_node_layout : Graph.Dot_ast.node_id -> Graph.Dot_ast.attr list -> node_layout
Reads xdot layouts from the dot ast
val read_edge_layout : Graph.Dot_ast.attr list -> edge_layout
val read_cluster_layout : Graph.Dot_ast.attr list -> cluster_layout