Module type ChaoticIteration.Data

module type Data = sig .. end
Parameters of the analysis.

type t 
Information stored at each vertex.
type edge 
Edge of the graph.
val join : t -> t -> t
Operation to join data when several paths meet.
val equal : t -> t -> bool
Equality test for data.
val analyze : edge ->
t -> t
How to analyze one edge: given an edge and the data stored at its origin, it must compute the resulting data to be stored at its destination.
val widening : t -> t -> t
The widening operator. fun _ x -> x is correct and is equivalent to not doing widening. Note that to enforce termination, the following property should hold: for all sequence x_0, x_1, ... of data, the sequence defined by y_0 = x_0; y_{i+1} = widening y_i x_i stabilizes in finite time.