Functor Cliquetree.CliqueTree

module CliqueTree: 
functor (G : Sig.G) -> sig .. end
G : Sig.G

module CliqueV: sig .. end
Original graph vertex
module CVS: Set.S  with type elt = CliqueV.t
Set of original vertices
module CliqueTreeV: sig .. end
Clique tree vertex type
module CliqueTreeE: sig .. end
module CliqueTree: Sig.G  with type V.t = CliqueTreeV.t
                             and type E.label = CliqueTreeE.t
The clique tree graph type
val mcs_clique : G.t ->
G.V.t list * CliqueTree.t *
mcs_clique g return an perfect elimination order of g (if it is chordal), the clique tree of g and its root.
val is_chordal : G.t -> bool
is_chordal g uses the clique tree construction to test if a graph is chordal or not.
val maxwidth : G.t -> G.t -> CliqueTree.t -> int
maxwidth g tri tree returns the maxwidth characteristic of the triangulation tri of graph g given the clique tree tree of tri.