Module DGraphModel

module DGraphModel: sig .. end
Abstract graph model

exception DotError of string
class type [['vertex, 'edge, 'cluster]] abstract_model = object .. end
Immutable graph model.
module Make: 
functor (G : Graph.Graphviz.GraphWithDotAttrs) -> sig .. end
This functor creates a model from a graph
module DotG: Sig.G 
  with type V.label = XDot.node_layout and type E.label = XDot.edge_layout
type cluster = string 
type dotg_model = (DotG.vertex, DotG.edge, cluster)
val read_dot : ?cmd:string -> string -> dotg_model
Creates a model from a dot file.
val read_xdot : string -> dotg_model
Creates a model from an xdot file (the layout is not recomputed)