Module DGraphView

module DGraphView: sig .. end
View classes.

Each optional function delay_node, delay_edge and delay_cluster of this module may be used to indicate whether an element must be displayed instantaneously (if the function returns false) or may be delayed for latter display (if the function returns true). By default, each function always returns false. It may be set for returning true from time to time, improving efficiency.

class type [['vertex, 'edge, 'cluster]] view = object .. end
Graph widget derived from GnoCanvas.canvas.
module type S = sig .. end
module Make: 
functor (V : Sig.HASHABLE) ->
functor (E : Sig.HASHABLE) ->
functor (C : Sig.HASHABLE) -> S with type vertex = V.t and type edge = E.t and type cluster = C.t