Module Delaunay

module Delaunay: sig .. end
Delaunay triangulation.

module type CCC = sig .. end
Delaunay triangulation is available for any CCC system in the sense of Knuth's ``Axioms and Hulls''
module type Triangulation = sig .. end
The result of triangulation is an abstract value of type triangulation.
module Make: 
functor (S : CCC) -> Triangulation with module S = S
Generic Delaunay triangulation
module IntPoints: CCC  with type point = int * int
Points with integer coordinates
module Int: Triangulation  with module S = IntPoints
Delaunay triangulation with integer coordinates
module FloatPoints: CCC  with type point = float * float
Points with floating point coordinates
module Float: Triangulation  with module S = FloatPoints
Delaunay triangulation with floating point coordinates