Functor Dominator.Make_graph

module Make_graph: 
functor (G : I) -> sig .. end
G : I

include Dominator.S
type dom_graph = unit -> t 
type dom_functions = {
   idom : idom;
   idoms : idoms;
   dom_tree : dom_tree;
   dominators : dominators;
   dom : dom;
   sdom : sdom;
   dom_frontier : dom_frontier;
   dom_graph : dom_graph;
val compute_dom_graph : Dominator.G.t -> dom_tree -> Dominator.G.t
val compute_all : Dominator.G.t -> vertex -> dom_functions
Computes all dominance functions.

This function computes some things eagerly and some lazily, so don't worry about it doing extra work to compute functions you don't need, but also don't call it if you aren't going to use anything it returns.
Returns a record containing all dominance functions for the given graph and entry node.