Module type Graphviz.GraphWithDotAttrs

module type GraphWithDotAttrs = sig .. end
Graph module with dot attributes

include Sig.G
val graph_attributes : t -> Graphviz.DotAttributes.graph list
Graph, vertex and edge attributes.

Vertex attributes
val default_vertex_attributes : t -> Graphviz.DotAttributes.vertex list
Vertex attributes
val vertex_name : V.t -> string
val vertex_attributes : V.t -> Graphviz.DotAttributes.vertex list

Edge attributes
val default_edge_attributes : t -> Graphviz.DotAttributes.edge list
Edge attributes
val edge_attributes : E.t -> Graphviz.DotAttributes.edge list
val get_subgraph : V.t -> Graphviz.DotAttributes.subgraph option
The box (if exists) which the vertex belongs to. Boxes with same names are not distinguished and so they should have the same attributes.