Module Topological

module Topological: sig .. end
Topological order.

This functor provides functions which allow iterating over a graph in topological order. Cycles in graphs are allowed. Specification is the following: if vertex x is visited before vertex y then either there is a path from x to y, or there is no path from y to x. In the particular case of a DAG, this simplifies to: if there is an edge from x to y, then x is visited before y.

module type G = sig .. end
Minimal graph signature to provide.
module Make: 
functor (G : G) -> sig .. end
Functor providing topological iterators over a graph.
module Make_stable: 
functor (G : sig
include Topological.G
val in_degree : t -> V.t -> int
end) -> sig .. end
Provide the same features than Topological.Make, except that the resulting topological ordering is stable according to vertices comparison: if two vertices v1 and v2 are topologically equal, v1 is presented first to the iterator if and only if v1 v2 <= 0.