Functor XDot.Make

module Make: 
functor (G : Graph.Graphviz.GraphWithDotAttrs) -> sig .. end
Instantiates a module which creates graph layouts from xdot files
G : Graph.Graphviz.GraphWithDotAttrs

module HV: Hashtbl.S  with type key = G.V.t
module HE: Map.S  with type key = G.E.t
type graph_layout = {
   vertex_layouts : XDot.node_layout HV.t;
   edge_layouts : XDot.edge_layout HE.t;
   cluster_layouts : (string, XDot.cluster_layout) Hashtbl.t;
   bbox : XDot.bounding_box;
Main layout type
exception DotError of string
val layout_of_xdot : xdot_file:string -> G.t -> graph_layout
Extracts a layout of an xdot file
val layout_of_dot : ?cmd:string -> dot_file:string -> G.t -> graph_layout
Using the dot file and graphviz, create an xdot and extracts its layout.